Aaron Hernandez In Prison Brawl


Aaron Hernandez In Prison Brawl?!?

Was Aaron Hernandez In Prison Brawl, well actually reports have been surfacing that Hernandez was the lookout for a prison brawl.

CelebNMusic247.com has this report on the former New England Patriot who will now be calling his prison cell home.

It doesn’t appear that Aaron Hernandez will be taking the lay low approach now that he’s been convicted of the murder of Odin Lloyd and sentenced to life in prison. It’s being reported by CNN that Hernandez was apparently the lookout in an alleged gang-related prison fight on Monday. #ThugLife

Hernandez and the other two parties involved in the fight have been disciplined. This isn’t Hernandez’s first involvement in a prison fight. In February 2014, Hernandez was actually one of the aggressors in another fight.

We’ll keep you posted on what’s going down with Aaron, but if my car ever hits a snow storm, then he’s going on my tires. #Yum

It’s actually sad that Aaron had the world in the palm of his hands, but he threw it all away to be a common thug.

Like Diddy always said:

“You can take the boy out the hood, but you can’t get the hood out the boy, so you have to let them go.”

There is plenty of rappers who fit that quote, and were “hits for a minute and THOTs for life!”

What do you think?