50 Cent Tells Emmy’s To Kiss His @ss

50 Cent Tells Emmy’s To Kiss His @ss!

Following the news that Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson announced he will be taking a break from Instagram after one of his posts was reported for bullying and harassment.

Power executive producer, Fif says he is confused as to why this particular post was flagged. Especially since his post of a young woman wearing a thong bikini bending over while sitting on the ground was still on his feed.

50 Cent Tells Emmy's To Kiss His @ss

He wrote:

I don’t understand this, why am I getting this? it says the post is removed for bullying but the post is still on my page. ok time to take a break from IG.

Now, Fiddy says tells The Emmy’s to “kiss” his “black @ss”. Read on to see what 50 Cent is telling the Emmy’s…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that 50 Cent post comes less than a week after the rapper claimed that his account has been shadowbanned by Instagram.

He wrote at the time

I have been shadowbanned this page has been stuck at 25 million for a year. Smh ?but I’m everywhere so I don’t care.

Despite his remarks, 50 Cent continues to post on Instagram and has not actually taken a break.

Oh no, 50 Cent is now telling the Emmy’s FU!

He writes:

OK, here it is Emmy’s, My Black ass for your consideration to kiss?Fuck your organization I only care about NAACP awards. ?

50 Cent Tells Emmy's To Kiss His @ss

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