5 Hip Hop Headlines: Offset, 6ix9ine, Wiz Khalifa, Tank, Faith Evans

5 Hip Hop Headlines: Offset, 6ix9ine, Wiz Khalifa, Tank, Faith Evans

A lot has happened today in hip-hop news, so we have wrapped it all up into one post called 5 Hip Hop Headlines in entertainment news!

We got the latest on Migos rapper Offset arrest, 6ix9ine story to the cop, not a PR stunt, Tank is married, Wiz Khalifa and Winnie Harlow are official. What happened to Faith Evans marriage to Biggie? Continue on…

Tekashi69 Thought "It Was His Day To Die" During RobberyCelebNMusic247.com has the latest on each of these rappers who continue to make headlines. First up is Tekashi69 who believes that he was set up and that the robbers who pistol-whipped him had intel of his whereabouts.

Here is what we’ve received from reports:

1. Tekashi69 Robbery NOT a PR Stunt, Here is why!

Tekashi69 says he blacked out after getting pistol whipped, though he remembers enough to believe it was indeed a setup. Yesterday, he posted that he thought he was the next rapper to die.

6ix9ine was on Monday’s “TMZ Live” and told us he suspects the people who kidnapped and robbed him had intel about his whereabouts, and it was no accident when they hit his vehicle with theirs early Sunday morning.

5 Hip Hop Headlines: Offset, 6ix9ine, Wiz Khalifa, Tank, Faith Evans2. Migos rapper Offset was crazy driving and that is why he got pulled over by police…

OK, so here is what Offset is claiming. He believes that he’s the victim of the so-called “hip-hop cops.”

The cops say he was pulled over for “failure to maintain lane” because he crossed over the solid yellow line.

We’ve been pulled over for the same BS ticket, harassed and warned to watch out mouth. The sad thing is cops do this all the time, but they don’t get pulled over because they crossed over the solid yellow line. Nope!

If they have gone ticket for it, they need to abide by the same laws on the road.

Offset’s attorney, Drew Findling, says officers only targeted his client because he’s a rich, successful black rapper.

We feel, its just the end of the month and they need to make quota on tickets. It’s BS, but a real thing. And yes they target young men, Black, Latino and anyone who doesn’t look white. #FACTS

5 Hip Hop Headlines: Offset, 6ix9ine, Wiz Khalifa, Tank, Faith Evans3. Faith Evans married Notorious B.I.G. in ’94, but you wouldn’t know it based on her recent marriage license?

Wait, huh? According to her marriage license, Faith Evans marriage license should read no. 3 to Stevie J, but it says no. 2. What happened to her marriage to Biggie?

TMZ’s obtained a copy of Faith’s marriage license docs and in it, she lists her marriage to Stevie J as marriage no. 2.

The document references her divorce from Todd Russaw back in 2012, and that’s the other marriage

Faith says that the clerk at the marriage license bureau screwed up. She insists she told the clerk the marriage with Stevie was her 3rd. #MMMHMM #SUREGirl

5 Hip Hop Headlines: Offset, 6ix9ine, Wiz Khalifa, Tank, Faith Evans4. Tank and Zena Foster-Babbs officially tied the knot over the weekend.

Sorry ladies Tank is off the market.

Durrell Babbs aka Tank and Zena Foster-Babbs shared their vows with family and friends on Sunday at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

He took to social media introducing himself and his new wife:

Introducing Mr and Mrs Babbs!.. Thank you @people for the exclusive coverage of our blessed day! #Love #BabbsToTheBone #RnBMoney #TheGeneral

The couple dated previously, but broke it off after their first child, and rekindled their old flame in 2013. Tank eventually popped the question in 2017 after 18 years of friendship.

Congratulations to Tank and Zena Foster Babbs:

Tank expressed his love for his newly-wedded-wife just minutes ago with one of our favorite songs from Tank:

Check out a few photos from Tank and Zena’s wedding:

5 Hip Hop Headlines: Offset, 6ix9ine, Wiz Khalifa, Tank, Faith Evans5. Wiz Khalifa confirms new girlfriend model Winnie Harlow:

During an interview with Charlamagne, ENVY and Ye of The Breakfast Club, Wiz Khalifa denied he was dating model Winnie Harlow

That’s my homegirl, she’s super sweet. I told Amber don’t be doing that, yo. She be the main one talking about “If I take a picture with a man everyone thinks I’m dating with him” and then I take a picture with Winnie and she’s like “you’re Sebastian’s stepmom.” No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. That’s internet sh*t, we don’t play that.

Oh how things have changed. Wiz is making sure everyone knows that Winnie is his lady, saying:


They look perfect together, we hope this relationship leads to marriage or at least something longterm for them both.

Here is another photo of the two of them. They look very happy together.

5 Hip Hop Headlines: Offset, 6ix9ine, Wiz Khalifa, Tank, Faith Evans

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