Why Did Cupid Sing “Cupid Shuffle” On The Voice?

(CelebNMusic247) Why Did Cupid Sing “Cupid Shuffle” On The Voice?

If you watch The Voice tonight you might remember Cupid who got dubbed a one hit wonder in 2006 for the “Cupid Shuffle.”

Cupid was back stage explaining that he wanted to really show his range and talent on the blind audition episode of The Voice Season 3. However, he chose to sing his own song that the world already made him famous.

Was it the right choice?

No, because it did NOT show his range, so what happened?It failed to impress any of the four celebrity judges. From Adam to Blake, not one of them turned around to see who he was.

They all knew the song and were dancing in their seats, but when they turned around, Cee-Lo was shocked to see Cupid on stage during the blind audition episode.

Cee-Lo Green asked:

“What you doing on this show?”

 “That’s a very peculiar song to do on a show like this.” 

Cee-Lo asked Cupid to sing another song, giving the him the opportunity to prove himself past his one-hit-wonder status.

The inventor of “Cupid Shuffle,” broke into an encore of Marvin Gaye‘s “Let’s Get It On,” and the judges were astonished wanting to turn their chairs back around. In the end, his own song pigeon hold his performance ability.

Show the judges have given him a second chance?

Should they have turned?

Did you think Cupid could sing?

Was that a stupid choice on Cupid’s part?

Let us know…

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