Why Democrats Are Losing Impeachment When Trump is Strong and Wrong

Why Democrats Are Losing Impeachment When Trump is Strong and Wrong

Finally! Someone on mainstream media sharing the TRUTH about why we need impeachment hearings RIGHT NOW!

Democrats NEED to step up and STOP being WEAK when wanting to impeach President Trump!

Right now President Trump is STRONG AND WRONG and he is winning because he continues to spin his truth any and every way he can when his truth is straight up lies. Read on and get the latest from the only man who is speaking the TRUTH on why Democrats Are Losing Impeachment…

The Democrats are losing Impeachment against Donald Trump because they continue to want to investigate.

Democrats know he is lying, they have the evidence, but they continue to want to investigate and it’s giving Trump more ammo to fight back.

The Democrats are all over the place, but they know that he broke the law. They are afraid if they lead, they are too afraid to take a stance and if this doesn’t change Trump wins. And the worst part is he will probably be re-elected if Democrats don’t take a stand and grow some balls.

What is going on as Impeachment inquiries grow?

Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York, the committee chairman, promised to hold Mr. McGahn in contempt of Congress and warned other potential witnesses to expect new hardball tactics – NY Times reports

One of the problems is Democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has urged her caucus to stay the course on investigations and ignore the growing chorus for what would become a bitterly divisive process. – CNN

WTH Democrats, why are you so damn weak when it comes to Trump?

At 3 AM on Wednesday morning President Trump is calling it “President Harassment” trying to get Republicans behind him because he is pulling out the victim card.

Why Democrats Are Losing Impeachment When Trump is Strong and Wrong

Here is what Trump said this morning on Twitter:

President Donald Trump on Wednesday went off on the chorus of Democrats calling to begin impeachment proceedings against him, claiming they want a “DO OVER” of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Trump said in a series of Twitter posts.

Everything the Democrats are asking me for is based on an illegally started investigation that failed for them, especially when the Mueller Report came back with a NO COLLUSION finding. Now they say Impeach President Trump, even though he did nothing wrong, while they ‘fish!’

After two years of an expensive and comprehensive Witch Hunt, the Democrats don’t like the result and they want a DO OVER. In other words, the Witch Hunt continues!

Why Democrats Are Losing Impeachment When Trump is Strong and Wrong

Let’s get this straight its NOT only Democrats who don’t like Trump:

Sorry, Trump, America doesn’t like you because all you have done is create a divide with America and brought racism front and center. Police are killing innocent black people for no reason and getting away with it. Crazy white kids are shooting and killing fellow students in schools and Angry individuals are running over Muslims with their cars in parts of the USA, and you claim we are one?

Then, you’re allowing old white men to dictate what a woman cannot do to her body with the crazy Alabama anti-abortion act? Not only that you have fools wearing MAGA hats claiming Make America Great Again, which is a Ronald Regan statement and motto you have stolen from his Presidency. Trump is NOT original on any of his acts, he is throwing our country back to the 50s when white’s dominated, blacks, Mexicans, Asian and gays were oppressed.

All Trump’s presidency has shown us is old white men in power are afraid of a blended society so he is dismantling it by creating a divide within races. He is dismantling our foreign policies, our stay green acts, women’s rights, gay rights, African American rights, immigrant rights, and the list goes on. He is a billionaire out for his own self-gain and no one can see the TRUTH.

Wake up Democrats and Impeach the anti-president and MAGA for AMERICA, NOT TRUMP!

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