Who Is The Mystery Woman Diddy Is Dating

Who Is The Mystery Woman Diddy Is Dating

Who Is The Mystery Woman Diddy Is Dating???

On Thursday, Sean “Diddy’ Combs unveiled his new girlfriend on social media and all you could see was her silhouette. Continue on to watch and checkout the Mystery Woman Diddy is looking at…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Diddy was looking like he was ready to enjoy himself with his new girlfriend.

The 50-year-old music mogul Diddy released the video on Instagram itting in his home shirtless with house music blasting in the background.

Puffy looked as if he was about to get his groove on as a girl was spotted in the right lense of his glasses.

Yup, Diddy was trying to give you some Last Train in Paris type filming keeping his new girl under wraps. Well, for the meantime.

Diddy is clearly with a woman and he looked to be thirsting for some afternoon love which makes sense since he captioned the video saying:

Sending Love.

Immediately after Diddy released the video, fans began asking whether the “woman” in the video was male, female, or transgender?

What do you think of Diddy and the Mystery Woman?

You know everyone is always trying to make up some rumors, but the rumors run deep and date back to the Day 26, Mase and many more alleged incidents.

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