TROLLING: Twitter Reacts to Kanye West “We Burning The Yeezy’s or Nah?”

Twitter Reacts to Kanye West: "We Burning The Yeezy's or Nah?"

Kanye West continues to look like Uncle Tom to most black Americans after he praised President Trump at the close of Saturday Night Live.

Today, Kanye West tries to back peddle about his statement since it was a bit vague yet impactful. Though, some fans are furious with his rant and social media comments so they’ve declared to boycott the G.O.O.D Music Rapper. Read on… reports that Kanye West has just pissed off many of his followers who have decided to weigh in of Ye.

Kanye West took to Twitter saying “by the way Unprogrammed is a new word” and it’s time to “cancel culture.”

Yeah, it didn’t sit well with any of us. Twitter has been CLAPPING BACK ever since.

This one is our favorite out of them all, but we have a few that you just have to see:

Another said it was “Too much” with this post:

Now the best of the best is this one.

Another used Donkey from Shrek to get their post across:

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