The Game Scores Small Victory Over His Royalties Being Seized

The Game Scores Small Victory Over His Royalties Being Seized

The Game can breathe a little easier after a judge ordered his music royalties cannot be seized by a creditor to pay off a $7.4 million debt.

However, this leaves the door open for it in the future. Read on to get more on rapper The Game scoring a small victory…

The Game Scores Small Victory Over His Royalties Being reports that a judge has denied a request by Priscilla Rainey who demanded a court order allowing her to seize his income.

We previously reported that the She’s Got Game was possibly privy to all The Game‘s assets.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a judge said the motion was improperly filed and there is no real emergency. He notes Rainey could seize the royalties in the future but not at this moment.

Priscilla Rainey recently asked for a judge to assign all rights, title and royalties in any money or payments, explaining he is releasing “Born to Rap” later this year.

The She’s Got Game has been determined to cash in on her $7,254,123.18 judgment she won and wants all his royalties to be paid to her until the debt is settled.

As it looks now, Priscilla Rainey will have to wait for a cold day in hell for The Game to cough up the monies she is owed. See he can run this out for 10-years in court. The lawsuit stems from 2015 following the series end of The Game’s VH1 reality show “She’s Got Game.”

Trying to find fake love on a VH1 reality show has been nothing but a headache for Jayceon Taylor.

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