The Game May Be Filing For Bankruptcy Soon

The Game May Be Filing For Bankruptcy Soon

Ok, so you are wondering why we are reporting that The Game may be filing for bankruptcy soon?

Well, according to sources, The Game may be in serious financial troubles since he has NEVER managed his money well and now the woman who sued him after appearing on She’s Got Game is privy to all his assets. Read on why…

The Game May Be Filing For Bankruptcy is reporting that The Game may not realize it yet, but Priscilla Rainey’s lawsuit from 2015 is about to bit him in the butt once again.

Here is the problem, Priscilla Rainey won by default because The Game pulled a no-show 7 times and so it cost him $7 million. Not to mention the poor excuses his attorney told the judge for the no-shows.

Priscilla Rainey took him to allegeding that he grabbed her p—y like Donald Trump and told her to shut up. She also claimed at the time that he grabbed her by the throat and choked her out.

Fast forward to now, It has been almost 4 years since the judgment win and now that The Game has still NOT paid Rainey she is privy to all of his assets now.

That means that a judge can have all of his wages garnished to pay off the $7 million owed to Priscilla Rainey. He has a thriving medical marijuana business and his new album Born to Rap about to drop.

Rainey can apparently cash in and if the judge deems worthy she can ask for more. Which leads us to The Game may be filing for bankruptcy soon.

It seems that it might be his only way out of this mess since he is in financial jeopardy.

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