The Chi’ star Sonja Sohn BUSTED for Cocaine

The Chi' star Sonja Sohn BUSTED for Cocaine

The Chi continues to make headlines with more bad press, this time series star Sonja Sohn was arrested for cocaine possession.

Over the weekend Sonja Sohn, who also starred in “The Wire,” was arrested for cocaine possession. Read on for more details…

The Chi' star Sonja Sohn BUSTED for Cocaine has the latest on The Chi’ star Sonja Sohn was popped by police on Sunday at 2 AM in North Carolina for cocaine possession, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Sonja Sohn’s paraphernalia charges are misdemeanors, but the cocaine charge is a felony. SMH

According to reports Police claim that Sonja Sohn was arrested and brought into the station at 2 AM and bailed out 6 minutes later.

Sohn posted $1,500 bail and left the station.

These days she plays Brandon’s mom, Laverne, on “The Chi.” Apparently, in her real life, she is a functioning coke head.

Sonja played Detective Shakima Greggs on all 5 seasons of “The Wire.” During an interview with Uproxx, she spoke about the challenges of the role:

Sonja Sohn explains:

I was excited to play this black, lesbian cop because, to the best of my knowledge, at the time, there had not been a black lesbian on TV ever. And so I felt that I had an opportunity to give a face and a voice to this character, to a population of people who had not been represented in entertainment in a big way at the time.

She adds:

Since then, that’s changed. But I will say that the daunting part of this for me was just playing a cop. I wasn’t terribly excited about playing a cop. My relationship with cops, at that point in my life, was one that was a bit complicated and not very positive so, I wondered how I was going to… I knew that I had my work cut out for me in terms of bringing a human face to this cop. And so I stepped into a daunting task in that regard.

She will be arraigned Tuesday.

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