Terry Crews Speaks On Cancel Culture

Terry Crews Speaks On Cancel Culture

Terry Crews Speaks On Cancel Culture!

Actor Terry Crews has dealt with some criticism over the past year regarding Black Lives Matter. Now, Crews sent up an open letter he wrote about cancel culture. Read on for more from Terry Crews on Cancel Culture…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Terry Crews goes on to say that “being canceled is when your social media has a lot more comments to your opinions than positive ones.”

Terry Crews goes on to say that Cancel Culture “this is the new reality” and “it’s truly impossible to not get canceled.”

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor says, ‘ I find it quite scary that you can be convinced you know what it is you stand for, but in actuality, you have been just exposing yourself to one viewpoint.”

Terry states that he’s “been there many times.” But he feels that you have to “test things out – even confront some ideas with a yea or nay.” Though, remember, “this will get you canceled.”

He continues to say that “bein canceled does not feel good. Crews points out that “a major problem in most social media can be taken out of context, then recycled ad funneled.”

Terry states that everyone on social media should “empathize and be humble.”

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