Ne-Yo’s Wife Crystal Smith With Black Ink Chicago Star

Ne-Yo's Wife Crystal Smith Smashing Black Ink Chicago Star

Ne-Yo’s Wife Crystal Smith With Black Ink Chicago Star!

R&B singer Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Smith’s marriage is officially over.

There have been rumors that the two were considering separating. Well, the rumors appear to be true.

And get this, Ne-Yo’s soon to be ex-wife Crystal Smith was spotted with a Black Ink Chicago hunk. Read on… reports that Ne-Yo’s soon-to-be ex-wife Crystal Smith flew out to Chicago, for a trip with her friends.

Crystal has been chronicling her adventures on her IG stories with Ryan, which featured grabbing drinks with “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry. In the video, Crystal pans the camera over to Ryan who is smiling hard.

Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal recently showed off her rapping skills in a video of her alongside a song about being a “bad bi—h.”

Crystal posted a video on her Instagram Live hanging out with her kids while driving around. After dropping off the kids she got into it while playing music.

According to The Blast, she became animated while rapping the lyrics about being a “bad bi—h” and “laughing to the bank with some money h-e.”
She kept going with lyrics talking about “tell you broke bi—hes, ain’t sh-t- funny though.

F-ck a dollar and a dream. I’m gonna stay woke and holding the real thing. I don’t do it for the gram, I do it for the green. I can show you silly h-es how to get it, I be on some no drama, just cash. When a boss bi—h speak all the bit—es follow.”

Check out Crystal’s Chronicle of she allegedly cheating on Ne-Yo with Ryan Henry:

You might also notice Ryan has that “I don’t give to F’s about who she is attitude.”

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