Teresa Giudice Prison Diary Reveals Divorce


Teresa Giudice Prison Diary Reveals Divorce?!?

Rumor has it that Teresa Giudice Prison Diary Reveals that she is getting a divorce from her cheating husband Joe Giudice who recently was said to be binge drinking.

FIrst off we would like to call out…MAKEUP! Teresa NEEDS MAKEUP!

In the latest cover issue of In Touch Weekly it is apparently claiming that Teresa Giudice Prison Diary Reveals that she is getting a divorce from Joe Giudice.

According to In Touch, Teresa Giudice’s ‘prison diary’ is filled with endless whining about how she’s stuck in this horrible situation because of her idiot husband. Do you blame her? But let’s NOT forget she agreed to do so, so she’s to blame as well.


Anyways, In Touch’s cover claims that Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice are [finally] getting a divorce, which has been years coming, if you ask me. The sources claim that Teresa Giudice’s final straw was when she found out that Joe cheated while she wallowed away in prison, but I have a feeling she knew about Joe’s cheating even before that. But what is she going to do? Call him out on the cheating when she was in the midst of fighting a fraud case that she knew next to nothing about?

Plus, Teresa is also reportedly ‘trashing’ other inmates, and constantly pointing out how she’s better than them. We already know that Teresa Giudice is incredibly insecure and also worried about her future, and since she’s so used to trashing her cast mates on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she’s just transferred that.. verve to prison.

What do you think?

Will Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice get a divorce while she’s behind bars?