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Kirk Frost Weighs In on T.I. and Tiny


Kirk Frost Weighs In on T.I. and Tiny!!!

When it comes to relationship problems, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta couple Rasheeda and Kirk have been through the most, and now Kirk Frost Weighs In on T.I. and Tiny!

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 may be a wrap, but season 4 is on the way, but before we start dropping hints about the upcoming season; Kirk Frost decided to weigh in on the current status of T.I. and Tiny confirming that they’re having troubles.

CelebNMusic247.com has the tea on Frost since the  Love and Hip Hop ATL couple, Kirk and his wife Rasheeda, are good friends with Family Hustle‘s T.I. and his wife Tiny.

For Kirk and Rasheeda, we have only seen part of their dramas, but we’ve come to love the two of them and are happy that they overcame their adversities. Kirk who has finally got over his hump, talks about whether or not Tiny and T.I. have gotten over theirs:

Here is what Kirk had to say to VH1 about Tiny and Tip’s current marital status and if they will be able to overcome the hump. Just the other day Shekinah said Clifford Harris aka T.I. loves his wife tremendously.

Read the highlights of the interview:

You and Rasheeda are really good friends with another VH1 family – Tiny and T.I right?

Kirk Frost responds:

“We’ve known Tiny for a long time. All the way back to almost, when her first daughter was born. Me and her first daughter’s father were like best friends, so I knew her through that situation and when she was with Xscape. Then Kelly Harris, my children Kirk and Kelsey’s mother, is first cousins with T.I., Clifford Harris. So I know him family-wise through my baby’s mother. Is that explaining it? So I’ve known him for a while—a long time ago.”

Atanta is so connected, you and Rasheeda participated in Real Housewife Kandi Burress‘ televised wedding, and so did Tiny, but we didn’t see T.I.:

“You know what; I don’t know what Clifford’s been doing. I have no clue. Tiny is that old Tiny again, I’ll give her that. She’s seeming to be like she used to be. Which I like—I like that Tiny.”

What does that mean, “back to the old Tiny?”

“That means that she’s doing her music; instead of somebody saying don’t do music. She seems like she’s just finding herself cause it seems like it’s a lot for her to do, but sometimes it don’t look like she’s doing it for other reasons, it just seems like she’s doing Tiny again. And from me looking in, it looks like she’s having fun.”

You and Rasheeda have had your share of relationship issues, if Tiny and T.I. were having any martial issues, are you guys close enough that you would talk about them?

“T.I. is very…uh, you gotta catch T.I. at the right moment and place. We do talk, but you know what, whatever they go through they gonna make it through it. I think it’s one of them things where Tiny is like ‘straighten up’ cause I could show you what would happen if you don’t. You know how women, they just want to let us know they can control something too. They gonna be fine. I know they’ll be fine.”

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T.I.’s Mom Weighs In on Marital Rumors


T.I.’s Mom Weighs In on Marital Rumors!!!

Rapper T.I.‘s mother, Violeta Morgan is pleading to his son’s wife,Tameka “Tiny” Harris to make amends with her husband!

Basically, T.I.‘s Mother Wants Tiny Harris to Make Amends with her son Clifford Harris!!!  CelebNMusic247.com has learned that Tips mom is concerned after rumors of a separation erupted following a public brawl with boxer Floyd Mayweather. But the rumors of divorce are just that, rumors. Violetta means well, but she needs to get all the deets before sounding off, see T.I. and Tiny still love each other, they’re just having some problems. However, Mamma Morgan made her voice heard underneath an Instagram post by the former Xscape singer who posted a photo of herself with her friends. Violeta weighed in saying:

“Tameka you look happy with your friends, but nothing, absolutely nothing van replace the feeling of being happy with your man! Please have a serious talk with Tip?”

Bow you would think mom knows best, but her son has been sounding off ALL week.

While T.I. fueled the rumors that he and his wife are still feuding when he posted a childish dig at his estranged wife’s best friend and hairstylist, Shekinah in his Instagram post while attending the Tony Awards with his daughter Deyjah Imani Harris.

“Me & my date headed to watch da Tony Awards(that’s da oscars for Broadway Plays for all u Shekana-types)…. #bestdate #ever#famhustlegangovererrrrthang.”

Despite the rumors of separation and possible divorce T.I. has sounded off threatening anyone who comes for his family with negative words:

“Expect the best, be prepared for the worst, f**k what others think & do your own thing.”

“Regardless of whateva….. I allow disrespect of me & mines #NEVER !!!!! Watch ya mouth & mind ya Bizness…. Best treat it like a football game…. Observe safely from da sidelines & stay off da field,unless u wanna get HIT!!!! #nuffsaid #hustlegangoverrrrthang”

Then, the “Family Hustle” reality star posted a cryotic message seemed to be aimed at his alleged dysfunctional marriage to the former Xscape singer Wednesday:

“If your presence can’t add value to my life, your absence will make no difference.”


“If U ain’t an asset,you’re a liability. No in between. No exceptions. #Factstho#GodGuidesMySteps So What Shall I Fear???? NATHANIEL!!!!!!! #nomediocre#hustlegangoverrrrthang.”

Later Tiny chimed in when one of her fans made a comment about her marriage to Clifford Harris. She went off saying:

“@majorgirl obviously I don’t know n u don’t know me obviously but i am also young n married to my soul mate n I do know real love when I see it..u n@troubleman31 should get to the root of what’s happened n fix it..marriage is not easy n I would hate to see a love that has lasted as long as it has to end..Do whatever u have to… as the saying goes misery loves company this cold world we living in when u have something worth fighting for FIGHT! so many Hollywood fly by night relationships I definitely don’t want yall to fall victim #teamtintiny#blacklove…”  

Like we previously reported they’re currently living separately but are working out their problems as they love each other very much and have no plans to divorce.  They are just having some marital bumps on the road of life like everyone else, they just happen to be on TV and the media is watching.


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Quincy Jones Slams New Michael Jackson Album


Quincy Jones Slams New Michael Jackson Album!

One of Michael Jackson’s mentors, Quincy Jones, believes Xscape is about nothing more than a means for more money.

CelebNMusic247.com agree with the 81-year-old music producer and philanthropist who sat down in an interview with Canada CBC Radio’s Jian Ghomeshi on Tuesday,to weigh in on the Micheal Jackson Xscape album and Billboard performance. Here is what we’ve learned from our friends at 4UMF.com who are reporting on Jones feeling towards MJ’s new postmortem album.

Basically, Quincy Jones is NOT feeling the motives behind Xscape, the latest posthumous album from the “King Of Pop.”

“They’re trying to make money,” said Quincy. “And I understand it. Everybody’s after money, the estate, the lawyers. It’s about money.”

The tandem of Michael Jackson and Quincy were responsible for some the greatest albums in the pop star’s career, including ThrillerOff The Wall and Bad.



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