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Quantasia Sharpton Ends Lawsuit on Social Media

Quantasia Sharpton Ends Lawsuit on Social Media

We reported that Quantasia Sharpton friends put her on blast, after the exposed her for being a finesse artist.

It’s not a good image, because Quantasia Sharpton friends got her talking on social media, after she spoke at the press conference with Lisa Bloom. “Loose lips ruins lawsuits!” Read on to see how Quantasia Sharpton ends lawsuit

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Usher Doesn't Have Herpes; He's Prepping Countersuit

Usher Doesn’t Have Herpes; He’s Preparing Countersuit

We just got word Usher doesn’t have herpes, which is going to throw a wrench in Quantasia Sharpton lawsuit against Usher!

Get this, Usher is ready to countersue Quantasia Sharpton and Lisa Bloom for defamation of character. Read on…

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Usher Insurance Company Doesn't Cover The Big H

Usher Insurance Company Doesn’t Cover The Big H

Now that the Usher Herpes smear campaign is in full effect no thanks to Quantasia Sharpton, who we’re having a hard time believing since she did NOT contact the virus.

Read on and get the details on Usher insurance company put him on notice that they will NOT pay for the $20 million herpes lawsuit against him…

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