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Twitter Calls Out Princess & Brandi’s Fashions

Twitter Calls Out Princess & Brandi’s Fashions!!!

Tonight was filled with surprises, but when it came to the fashion aspect of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 2 Reunion Twitter Calls Out Princess & Brandi’s Fashions.

Wait until you see what Princess and Brandi decided to wear at the Reunion…

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50 Cent Comes For Derek Jeter


50 Cent Comes For Derek Jeter!!!

After NY Yankees Derek Jeter pulled out of his endorsement deal with Frigo underwear because Fiddy is too “urban”, 50 Cent Comes For Derek Jeter.

In traditional 50 Cent fashion the hip hop mogul and part owner of Frigo underwear, he took to Instagram to BASH Derek Jeter for his sideways comment.

Fiddy posted a picture of Jeter on Instagram Wednesday, writing,

“Wow, guess I’m not a Yankees fan anymore. ? LETS GO METS? Man you can’t trust nobody these day.smh” attached with the hashtags; #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO




The suit filed in Sweden is reportedly asking for $4.7 million in damages. But let us not forget 50 Cent’s ripped and sexy photos he took for Frigo. Earlier this year 50 was hitting the gym hard to get ripped for his Frigo photo shoot and let us be the first to tell you first body is hard as a rock. The man is solid!


We feel everything happens for a reason, so maybe Jeter pulling out is a good thing, because Frigo NEEDS a MLB player who is still active NOT retired.  #OutWithTheOldInWithTheNew

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Pusha T Stunts In Yves Salomon Fur Lined Parka


Pusha T Stunts In Yves Salomon Fur Lined Parka!!!

It’s that time of year again in NYC and when you hit the streets you gotta come correst and that is why we say that Pusha T Stunts In Yves Salomon Fur Lined Parka.

Pusha always knows how to look street stylish.

In the photo above Pusha T is spotted in a Yves Salomon Fur Lined Parka which was styled with denim jeans and Saint Laurent Suede Fringe Sneakers.


The look is DOPE especially since the Yves Salomon Fur Lined Parka features green cotton, rabbit, lamb and coyote fur.

The coat is definitely something we would wear in NY ourselves. As for the jeans we are more of a loose fit type of guy who loves to sport a pair of Tim’s.

Timberland Boots always make Parka’s look the sic. Our suggestion is this, if you plan on going out and nabbing the Yves Salomon Fur Lined Parka do yourself a favor and buy a pair of Timberland boot to rock the look!


pusha-t-rocks-a-yves-salomon-fur-lined-parka-1029-2 pusha-t-rocks-a-yves-salomon-fur-lined-parka-1029-3

Where to buy the Yves Salomon Fur Lined Parka:

The parka is available at Matches House, Style Bop and Far Fetch.

These sneakers are available at Neiman Marcus, Barneys and Farfetch.


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