Future GOES OFF on Young Rappers Jacking His Style

Future GOES OFF on Young Rappers Jacking His Style

On Friday night, Future hopped on Twitter and demanded the respect of young rappers copying his style and music.

Read on #Celebes because Future laid into all these young rappers jacking his sound, flow, and style…

Future GOES OFF on Young Rappers Jacking His StyleCelebNMusic247.com is not surprised this is happening in hip-hop these days because there is no originality anymore. Everyone keeps trying to be like Diddy back in the day jacking tracks.

The one thing Diddy had was major talent, these days talent is out the window and rappers like Future, who have carved a new lane in hip-hop are suffering from track jackers trying to claim his sound is theirs.

Future says he has been humble for way too long and that he’s the one that’s inspired the youth with their clothes, flows, and hoes. #FACTS

On Friday, Future UNLEASHED his anger on Twitter saying:

Enough of these lil n***s running around like I ain’t make Y’all. I have been humble way too long. Your titles and flows came From me. stop fuckin playing. Your ad libs MINES. I gracefully gave u a style to run with like it was your own. Thank me #KINGPLUTO, your clothes, flows, and hoes I’m the reason #KINGPLUTO. Only thing I ever said in life I didn’t come up with is NOCAP and I made the world say it..NO CAP.

Check out the mini-twitter rant, because this is NOT something he does:

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