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Yahu Rock Blackwell Speaks At Press Conference

Yahu Rock Blackwell Speaks At Press Conference

Cruiserweight Yahu Rock Blackwell and Christopher Renty are competing on Saturday’s RING NIGHT RETURN’S CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING!!!

Get all the details on Yahu Rock Blackwell Press Conference on the flip…

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Charlamagne Tha God Talks Uncommon Sense

Radio host Charlamagne Tha God-0724-1

Charlamagne Tha God Talks Uncommon Sense!!!

Today, radio host Charlamagne Tha God Talks Uncommon Sense, his new MTV comedy talk-show with the Huffington Post.

Charlamagne Tha God was on the HuffPost Live couch to discuss his nationally syndicated radio show, “The Breakfast Club.”  Char also talks about his new MTV comedy talk-show, “Uncommon Sense,” which weighs in on the latest headlines in the news.



Charlamagne answers all the questions and keeps it real with Andrew Gilliam (Co-Owner, HipHopHoney.com and 4UMF.com), Jazmine Rogers (News Writer, MadameNoire.com) and Ural Garrett (Senior Features Writer, HipHopDX.com).

Take a look at Charlamagne Tha God talking about his new MTV comedy talk-show, “Uncommon Sense.”

What do you think?

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Baron Davis Look Like A Soul Glo Model

Baron Davis-looks-like-a-Soul Glo-model-0608-1

Baron Davis Look Like A Soul Glo Model!?!

This is utterly tragic, Today on ESPN New York Knicks baller showed up with this hair style. Baron Davis Look Like A Soul Glo Model.

What was Baron thinking?

We know that hairstyles and clothes recycle every 20 years, but some things should NEVER come back like the greasy looking Jheri Curl.

Since his appearance on ESPN First Take, CelebNMusic247.com got word that Twitter has been sounding off with some jokes about Davis hair:


One Twitter follower Tweeted this:

“Since DJ quik is light skinned and Baron Davis has his hairstyle. can we call him “Nestle Quik” now?”

While another clowned the NBA player, saying:

“what’s going with baron davis fam ??? my dude got the jheri curl of a washed up drug addicted soul singer!!!”

The lashing continued as a few more followers chimed in, saying:

“Baron Davis out here looking like ya uncle who still wears socks with his sandals”

They continued with the S-Curl lashing with these tweets:

Baron Davis-looks-like-a-Soul Glo-model-0608-2

Baron Davis-looks-like-a-Soul Glo-model-0608-3


What do you think of Baron Davis Jheri Curl?

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