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Did Snoop Dogg Cross The Line Mocking Trump Assasination

Snoop Dogg Sends Strong Message To Trump

We all understand where Snoop Dogg is coming from, because most all American’s are feeling the same way about President Trump. NeNe Leakes recently said she’s doesn’t know who Trump is anymore. Snoop is speaking out through his music!

Get the details on the Long Beach native rapper Snoop Dogg pointing a gun at a clown-styled President Trump in the promo for Lavender, his remix of BadBadNotGood…

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Snoop Dogg Stopped In Italy Airport


Snoop Dogg Stopped In Italy Airport!?!

Last week Snoop Dogg took to social media claiming he was racially profiled in Sweden and arrested, now Snoop Dogg Stopped In Italy Airport with $422K In Cash.

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that police at an Italian airport on Friday (July 31) seized Snoop’s $422K In Cash.

According to Reuters, the rapper was preparing to board a private plane bound for Britain, with $422,000 in cash in tow. Snoop was stopped and had half the cash seized.

In the European Union, the maximum amount of undeclared cash one can take on board a plane is 10,000 euros ($10,986.00).

Snoop will have to pay a fine. Half of his cash is being held by Italian authorities until the amount of the fine is determined, said the report.

“We clarified everything from a legal point of view,” said Andrea Parisi, Snoop’s lawyer. “The money came from concerts he had performed around Europe. There was no crime; it was just an administrative infraction.”


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SIC VID: Snoop Dogg – Peaches N Cream


SIC VID: Snoop Dogg – Peaches N Cream ft Charlie Wilson!

Its been a minute since we’ve had some SIC VIDS for you but now we are back with Snoop Dogg – Peaches N Cream ft Charlie Wilson.

Snoop dog teams up with Charlie Wilson for the visuals to the smooth track “Peaches N Cream”. The song will appear on Snoop’s upcoming album ‘Bush’ due out on May 12th.


Watch the new video from Snoop Dogg – “Peaches N Cream”:

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