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Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyers Seek Dismissal of Boston Murder Indictment


Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyers Seek Dismissal of Boston Murder Indictment!!!

Once again, Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyers Seek Dismissal of Boston Murder Indictment after he was sentenced to Life back in April and then celebrated his sentence with new neck ink.

Yeah, the hunky Aaron went from superstar New England Patriot to common thug after one bad decision that cost him his freedom, but now Hernandez is facing a second conviction on top of his Life sentence. His attorney’s have filed motions to dismiss the indictment charging their client with a double slaying in Boston in 2012.


CelebNMusic247.com has this report via ESPN:

The motion says there was insufficient evidence presented to the grand jury to establish probable cause; the state impaired the integrity of grand jury proceedings; and the court lacks jurisdiction.

Prosecutors say Hernandez killed Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado after a chance encounter at a nightclub. They say after de Abreu accidentally bumped into Hernandez, Hernandez followed the men in a Toyota 4Runner, pulled up to their car and opened fire.

Hernandez is serving a life sentence for the unconnected 2013 killing of Odin Lloyd.

The defense motions were filed last month. A spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney said Monday that prosecutors haven’t yet filed their response.


Despite the sentencing and motions to dismiss the indictment charges for the double slaying in Boston we can only imagine he has a night time cellmate calling out his name.  But in case he’s tired of who he’s with he might have a new hunk to be homie lover friends since Atlanta Hawks Star Mike Scott might be moving to a prison cell for 25 years. #DontDropTheSoap



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Tom Brady Wants To Be An Actor

 Tom Brady A Moive Star

Tom Brady Wants To Be An Actor:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wants to be an actor once his football career is over.

Here is a spoof of how it might look if Tom Brady had been the star of the movie.

CelebNMusic247.com has heard:

A undisclosed source claimed Brady “believes he could become a huge movie star” after his football days are over. Of course, maybe he received some inspiration from his wife, Gisele Bundchen, who has already dabbled in the movie industry. Bundchen has appeared in the 2004 comedy Taxi and in The Devil Wears Prada in 2006.


If Brady—who has appeared in Entourage and the movie Stuck on You—is as good an actor as he is a football player, he really could become a movie star. Below is what some recent box-office hits would look like with Brady as the leading man.

Tom Brady The Deflation Game


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Aaron Hernandez Pleads Not Guilty to Murder


Aaron Hernandez Pleads Not Guilty to Murder

SHOCKING NEWS reveals the Aaron Hernandez killed two people over spilled drinks in a night club because he was mad that the victim did not apologize, according to prosecutors.

CelebNMusic247.com has learned via TMZ who reveals that the former NFL star Aaron Hernandez appeared in court in Massachusetts today where he was arraigned on murder charges for allegedly killing two people back in 2012.

Hernandez was at Cure nightclub in Boston on July 15th 2012 when he had a chance encounter with one of the victims, Daniel Abreu, according to prosecutors spelled out their case against the former New England Patriot.

In fact, officials say Hernandez had become increasingly paranoid that people were trying to disrespect him and were “testing” him in Boston-area nightclubs around the time of the killing.


Once inside the club, prosecutors say Abreu was dancing and bumped into Aaron, causing Aaron to spill his drink.

Officials say Aaron believed Abreu smiled and did not apologize — and that set Aaron off.

Prosecutors say Hernandez got very worked up about the spilled drink — pounded two more cocktails — and scoped out the area around the club, waiting for Abreu and his group to leave.

Aaron then grabbed a loaded .38 caliber revolver he had hidden in his car and followed the car the victims were in.

Prosecutors say Aaron pulled up to Abreu’s car at a stop light and said, “Yo what’s up now?” — then fired all of the bullets in his gun, killing Abreu, his friend Safiro Furtado and wounding a 3rd passenger.

Witnesses say they could hear Aaron continue to pull the trigger even after all of the bullets had been fired.

Prosecutors say Hernandez then ADMITTED to the shooting to an associate saying, “I think I got one in the head and one in the chest.”

Hernandez pled NOT GUILTY to the murder charges — and his attorney begged the judge to not let the trial turn into a media circus.



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