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Who Is The Richest Love Hip Hop NY 6 Stars

With the new season of Love & Hip Hop NY 6 well on its way, we have an update on Who Is The Richest Love Hip Hop NY 6 Stars!!!

Since this seasons seems to be about the come up, ratchetness, and fighting over men for gain, we decided to go there again with a new list to update who is the Richest Love Hip Hop NY 6 star, so find out…

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Did Yandy Harris SHADE Diamond Strawberry



Did Yandy Harris SHADE Diamond Strawberry?!?

Every season of Love and Hip Hop the rumors flood the internet and blogs, now CelebNMusic247.com is hearing that Yandy Harris SHADE Diamond Strawberry?

In a snippet from Love and Hip Hop Season Yandy Smith-Harris, who recently changed her last name to Harris was seen asking, “what planet is co-star Diamond Strawberry from?”

CelebNMusic247.com has this to report:

The Veteran reality star slams her newest co-star’s erratic behavior on the show and during her reunion show make session, she questioned where Diamond was from:

“Is it one that we never heard of that they’re visiting sometime in 2024, because I never one to go there. Ever! That’s what I want to know. What planet are you from?”

After a shaky season, Diamond revealed that she has made some mistakes and admitted to making some mistakes while filming.

Diamond sounded off on her cheating ex-boyfriend, Cisco in her “Check Yourself confessional.

In the season finale, the couple made amends after having a rough storyline this season revealing that they’re secret children and that Cisco was living a double life with his baby’s mother Tasha.

Diamond seemed unenthused to do her confessional and even bashed herself as she took a look back at her encounters during their official break up talk.

She weighed in saying:

“Diamond you look like a God damn fool. This man just told you he never loved you and you still confessing your love still for this greasy a** egghead n***a.”

Watch and see Yandy Shade Diamond for season 5 of LHHNY:

What Love and Hip Hop Didn’t reveal is ALL the drama going on in Diamonds life during the filming, but CelebNMusic247.com has the EXCLUSIVE interview with Diamond coming later this week and wait till you hear what she reveals. It’s gonna make your mouth hit the floor.

We can reveal one thing about our EXCLUSIVE interview with Diamond. She filmed about 25 scenes and viewers only saw about 12 scenes. The rest NEVER made the cut, which made her look like a crazy woman. It was NOT fair and we hope Diamond comes back for season 6 to justify who she really is.

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Mendeecees Warns Remy About Meddling


Mendeecees Warns Remy About Meddling!?!

This season Mendeecees is back home while he awaits his sentencing, but new drama appeared since his assistant, Remy seems to be a bit inquisitive so Mendeecees Warns Remy About Meddling.

What you didn’t see on Love & Hip Hop 5 episode 11 is Mendeecees once again having to deal with his cray cray assistant Remy who continues to cross the line with him. #Sexualharassment

Yandy Smith has been very boisterous about the situation and has asked for her to be fired, but Mends hasn’t done it. Remy has FIRED back on social media claiming that Yandy is full of it because she’s actually cool with her and that this is a made up storyline for season 5.


In the scene that you didn’t make the final cut we see Mendeecees calling out his assistant once again for being too stepping over her boundaries.

This is the lead up segment to Yandy unleashing her wrath on Remy and FIRING her on episode 12 of Love and Hip Hop.

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