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Rasheeda Learns Ashley Nicole Is Gay


Rasheeda Learns Ashley Nicole Is Gay!?!

Wait, hold up, did we just hear this right? That’s right, Rasheeda Learns Ashley Nicole Is Gay! That is what we learned on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when Rasheeda forced her way into Ashley’s hotel room.

Maybe an R Kelly song is appropriate for this post, so while you read on play R Kelly’s “Down Low” song.

Rasheeda gets her face cracked when she busts downs the door only to find out that Ashley Nicole has a girlfriend. Ashley has been in a relationship for 2 years which makes Rasheeda look like boo boo the fool.



Her girlfriend gets protective and starts asking Rasheeda why she is attacking her girl. Things start to get ugly, but Ashley steps in to send Rasheeda down the hall to Kirk.

We all make mistakes, but we know it’s no ones business, but if Kirk Frost told his wife that she was a lesbian, then Rasheeda wouldn’t be so insecure.


After Rasheeda finds out about Ashley, she heads over to Kirk’s room to have a talk. He is surprised that she is at the door, but happy that she came so far. Kirk is flattered by Rasheeda’s jealousy and is turned on by her fighting for her man. Kirk loves Rasheeda and having her bust into Ashley’s hotel room might have been the best thing for their relationship.

This seems to be the one thing Kirk needed to know, and that was that Rasheeda loves him.

It was good to see that Rasheeda and Kirk are no longer fighting.


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Rasheeda And Karlie Dig Up Dirt On Kirk


Rasheeda And Karlie Dig Up Dirt On Kirk!?!

As Rasheeda says “Don’t start NO Mess, won’t be No Mess” so Rasheeda And Karlie Dig Up Dirt On Kirk Frost secret Buckhead office on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Last week we saw Kirk Frost in his new apartment/office and how he tried to refrain from jumping on his new artist Ashley. Fast forward to tonight, because Kirk is about to get BUSTED by his wifey after Ashley revealed that she met with Kirk in his Buckhead office at an industry event. Not only that, Ashley added insult to injury when she told her that she used to listen to her when she was like 10 years old and that she still looks young for her age.

Does Ashley realize Rasheeda was ready to bite her head off?

Then to pour more salt into the open wound Ashley tells Ra that she’s signed to a 5 album deal and that Kirk bought her the dress she is wearing. The for sports bar waitress is about to get her news, but first Ra NEEDS to catch Kirk red handed like she did before.  This won’t be the first time Rasheeda ended up throwing Kirk Out on his A!

Rasheeda’s red flag warning went up so she called Karlie Redd aka Sherlock Karlie to snoop doggy dogg around the house and catch Kirk in a lie. Karlie is the perfect one to going into people’s things and sniff out some dirt to put a man on BLAST.


When Ra and Karlie find out that it’s a residential lease she is threw. Not only did he get a $3500 dollar apartment in Buckhead, he told his wife that they couldn’t afford an office for her website because there’s no money.

What’s sad about this is that Kirk Frost was caught red handed in season 2 cheating on Rasheeda. Then is season 3 Kirk was trying to Break In New Nanny, but the antics didn’t stop


Kirk is SHADY!

Watch these Inspector Gadgets fumble around the house until Rasheeda and Karlie discover paperwork for Kirk’s secret office. The two women strike gold and get all Ra NEEDS to BUST her husband, but they’re shocked beyond belief.


The ish hits the fan when Rasheeda does a pop up at the “Buckhead Office” that Kirk Frost has invested in. Rasheeda lets him have it and the trust is blown with she and Kirk.

She has been trying to open a business, but when Kirk tells her that she is NOT ready to have a store front, she goes off and wants out of their business relationship.

What Rasheeda doesn’t realize or know yet, is that Kirk is $250,000.00 in the whole with his music business, the house and his new bachelor pad, office.

Didn’t Kirk learn NOT to go behind Rasheeda’s back last season?


We guess NOT because this time Rasheeda is getting her attorney’s involved because she wants OUT of this biz relationship with Kirk. She wants to do her own thing her own way and she feels that Kirk does NOT have her best interest in hand. Kirk tries to justify the apartment only wearing a towel wrapped around the family jewels and a white T, because he had just gotten out of the shower.

None of it looks good in Rasheeda’s eyes and let’s be real if this was any other woman’s man they would go off, but Ra handled it with class. She gonna hit him where it hurts and that is the pocket books.

Watch out Kirk, Rasheeda ain’t playing bruh:

What do you think?

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Kirk Frost Wants to Break In New Nanny


Kirk Frost Wants to Break In New Nanny

Yo Kirk Frost, Rasheeda ain’t cool with NO side chicks and this girl has her eyes set on his swizzle stick!

See, Kirk Frost is still up to his old tricks bringing a waitress home from the bar he frequents to make her his new nanny for baby Carter. The only problem is he NEVER asked Rasheeda about it.

The ish hits the fans when Ra comes home to find Kirk on the couch with a hot young college girl.  Rasheeda gets TURNT UP when she finds out Kirk is out there telling people that they’re separated!

Benzino and Stevie J warned Kirk NOT to bring the girl home, because she was going to be trouble. When the girl tells Rasheeda that she thought that they were separated, living together but co-parenting Rasheeda flies off the handle, demanding her baby back and asking the girl to leave her home.

CelebNMusic247.com agrees with Rasheeda 100%, because Frost’s wandering eye has wandered on down to a 22-year-college student named Jasmine, which he feels would be a perfect fit. He compliments her giving him hard stiff drinks, but we feel the insinuation was talking about something else of his getting hard and stiff.

Kirk your name is about to become mud again! Last season Kirk had a three-way and now he’s trying to bed a young college coed?

Really man? Rasheeda is fine, why can’t he see what he has in front of his face.

Check it:

Why does Kirk Frost think that hiring some young college girl is the answer?

Messy Kirk, messy!!!

Kirk and Stevie J discus hiring a hot babysitter for baby Karter, while Karlie looks back at real estate agent who slept with her man.


Kirk is becoming a dawg?

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