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Jim Jones Spotted Wearing A Waist Trainer


Jim Jones Spotted Wearing A Waist Trainer?!?

Talk about a secret weapon, but Jim Jones Spotted Wearing A Waist Trainer. If you ever wondered how Jim Jones got the perfect V shape physique, this is it!

The Dipset rapper / Chrissy & Mr Jones star showed off his whittled waist and bulging biceps by stuffing himself into a body shaper. Capo photo on Instagram leaving a number of people scratching their heads.

Jones explained that he was poking fun at his fiancee Chrissy whose been embarking on a waist training journey and squeezing herself into corsets.

He actually looks sexy in the photos above – However take a look at his wifey Chrissy Lampkin as there is a notable difference in her waist.


One thing we can say about Jim Jones working out is that he keeps it rugged. Check him doing pull ups with truck tire.

We love come Jimmy, he’s badass.

Ladies and Gents what do you think?


His lady and head of Lady Vamp, Chrissy is just as badass, take a look at her ultra thin waist.



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Jim Jones Speaks On Calling Out Damon Dash


Jim Jones Speaks On Calling Out Damon Dash

Back in August it was reported that Jim Jones Called Damon Dash A Culture Vulture and then Dame Dash responded to Capo verbal attack, now Jim Jones Speaks On Calling Out Damon Dash.

CelebNMusic previously reported on Jim Jones Called Damon Dash A Culture Vulture and Dame Dash responding to Capo’s verbal attack last month.

See Jim posted a tweet directed at Damon Dash that read “Respect mine or else it can get different real different #vamplife.”  While Dame responded back simply saying this about Jones attack:

“I’m not sure what exactly would make @jimjonescapo disrespect me publicly or any kind of way but if it’s over money or Buisness i really don’t think that’s the most productive way to deal with things…but I’m always open for discussion as long as we speak as men…

Now Capo is setting the record straight on the Breakfast Club, check it:

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Jim Jones Calls Damon Dash A Culture Vulture


Jim Jones Calls Damon Dash A Culture Vulture

Not long after news broke that former associates Jim Jones and Dame Dash clashed on Instagram, Capo took to social media to SLAM his former friend and Partner saying Damon Dash A Culture Vulture! Jones quickly made it clear that Dame NEEDS to act right or else, saying:

Respect mine or else it can get different real different #vamplife”

The Harlem native continued saying, “f–k n—az” and “money is to be respected!” Followed with this post:


While none of the Dipset member’s IG posts mention Dame by name, his decision to share those particular thoughts just hours after calling Dash a “punk” and a “slut” could be seen as calculated.


Capo made a comment about the situation a day earlier, posting this:


Here’s the breakdown via AllHipHop.com who writes:

Dame Dash appeared on Jim Jones and Smoke DZA’s collaboration “Don’t Be Scared” in May and has discussed an upcoming Dipset reunion in interviews this past year. Jim Jones posted a photo of Dame Dash on his personal Instagram account with the caption “This n—a here is the real culture vulture n a thief f–k f—ot lol back to my day”.

Dame Dash posted a photo on his personal Instagram account of his newest venture Dusko Blue, a wine product. Jones posted a scathing comment on the picture’s post alleging Dash stating he is not “built for no street sh*t”:


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