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Erica Dixon Ex Trying to Get Back In


Erica Dixon Ex Trying to Get Back In

Since Erica Dixon is a single mom again the gorgeous Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star is back on the market, but is NOT looking for any broke men!

Although her appearances on LHHA have been reduced on this season of the ratchet hit series on VH1 Erica has been having lots of social activity.

Erica has had a lot of changes happen in her personal life even if the cameras didn’t catch it, like breaking off things with O’Shea tha Model and other ex Lil Scrappy is currently in a new love triangle with Bambi and Shay Johnson.

However, Erica took to Twitter the other day and confirmed that one of her exes is trying to rekindle the romance and this week Erica and Scrappy were spotted together at the secret fashion show in Atlanta on Wednesday night.

Is Scrappy trying to rekindle his romance with Erica since they’ve been co-parenting and when he was with Dixon the drama was turned down to level 2 and not 10?

Check what Erica was caught saying on Twitter:



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Erica Dixon’s Man O’Shea Is an Escort?


Erica Dixon’s Man O’Shea Is an Escort

Well things didn’t workout for Erica Dixon’s Ex-Boyfriend O’Shea Da Model, but now the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta hottie is being accused Of being an ESCORT!

Oh My, Erica, don’t let us find out you HIRED him for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

No really CelebNMusic247.com has learned that Oshea Russell aka O’Shea Da Model has a nasty rumor going around about him saying that he out here slanging man meat…for a price.


Even though we know it’s 100% US Grade A meat, we know O’Shea is probably upset that something like this is floating out there about him.


Several sites are reporting that they found a back page ad from “O’Shea Da Model” offering his services to the highest bidder and giving deets on his “erotic massage” skills.

Oshea quickly weighed in on the rumor and it setting things straight!

O’Shea wrote on Instagram:

“You can’t believe everything you hear.”

“Wtch next they gone be telling you that @msericadixon broke up with me!!!! #IJS facts are always more valuable than made up words and stolen images. Sorry but they tried it #EPICFAIL.”

We know he’s was on the broke side of the fence and this would explain how he’s paying for all those nice threads despite being the face of T.I.’s Akoo clothing line.

We notice he likes to spend most his days shirtless, could that be because he can’t afford a shirt???

Check the merch photos of O’Shea below:

Erica Dixon had something to say about those pesky escort rumors:


Way to protect the meat Erica, but it seems O’Shea sent this message to Erica Dixon. Could this be why they are no more?



Check ALL of Oshea’s photos:


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LHHA’s O’Shea Da Model Admits His Wrongs with Erica


LHHA’s O’Shea Da Model Admits His Wrongs with Erica

Monday’s episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta sent ladies everywhere into a fit of outrage while clutched their pearls after Erica Dixon’s new boyfriend O’Shea da Model offered to pick up the tab but made her pay.

The incident took place on Erica’s double date with Karlie Redd and Yung Joc. O’Shea is gorgeous, but even Joc made fun of him for self promoting himself wearing a hat that said model.

Days before last episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aired Erica Dixon revealed that she and O’Shea Russell aka O’Shea the Model  had officially SPLIT.  She said fans will see why they ended up breakup and if it was any inclination that O’Shea was a fine brother with NO MONEY, we totally understand, because that is NOT cute.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta fans have been grilling him since Monday:

CelebNMusic247.com has now learned via O’Shae that he admits that he was wrong and seeing that on TV as a first impression is NOT good.  O’Shea admits to his wrongs that aired on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta with Erica Dixon. O’Shea posted these video responses to treating Erica Dixon wrong and for being a jerk,

“Ok ok ok I was dead wrong for the way I went about it, I agree no woman should be put in that situation.”


But O’Shea Russell has been getting grilled by almost everyone for asking Erica to pay with her credit card.  He has been taking a lot of HEAT, but at least O’Shea is owning up being cheap:

Russell writes:

Yes I clearly need to do better when it comes to making relationship decisions, but let’s be real these videos and comments got me weak… you laughing or nah…. s/o to @sunnyphoenixvision @sunnyphoenixvision and his crew for this… and S/O to my fam @joclive for offering to help a brother out #RESPECT #HUMBLE & lets to be clear on one thing being blessed does not make you no where close to being perfect… #ENJOY #KEEPTHEFAITH”

Take a look:

All Jokes aside, O’Shea says despite his cheapness, Erica stood bye him in his time of need when he was hospitalized last June 2013.

He writes:

“Transsfmation Tuesday… All jokes aside I’m just happy to be walking yet a long laughing at all of this none since. But truth be told @msericadixon was there for me in my time of need… But to GOD be all the glory #THETRUTH #TRUSTGOD #TEAMBLESSED #KEEPINGTHEFAITH”

Take a look:


Kamaal Shawn Rollins Prince of cakes speaks out in defense of O’Shea the Model:

“My big bro @osheadamodel is a kool guy. He never has asked from anyone. Something are just made for T.V… He is a good guy and I had did so much work with him. Never had a problem with him. My bro @osj

My bro @osheadamodel has been throw a lot. From being in an accident and losing his younger brother. He has been throw much. And you not knowing what else. He is a great friend and father. Before judging. Look into ppls life… one love ppl”


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