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Rick Ross Boasting Birdman Losing his "Stunna Island" Mansion

Rick Ross Boasting Birdman Losing his “Stunna Island” Mansion

Karma seems to be biting Birdman is the @ss! Rick Ross caught airing that Birdman is losing his “Stunna Island” Mansion!

The MMG head honcho Rick Ross, is relishing in the moment that Birdman is getting his well deserved karma. We can basically say this is the follow up to Rosays “Idols Become Rivals” hit album where he publicly aired-out of Birdman left the hip-hop community. Read on to see the latest…

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R Kelly Claims Sheriff’s Deputy Carried Out His Own Affairs

R Kelly Claims Sheriff’s Deputy Carried Out His Own Affairs

Now we wouldn’t say that Mississippi sheriff deputy Kenny Bryant marriage was an EPIC FAIL. If you recall, R. Kelly tampered with another man’s wife and now he’s being SLAPPED with a lawsuit!

If we told you once, we told you twice, R Kelly is that freaky chocolate drop, pantie wetter for many ladies. Kels is also that perfect “12 Play” with a few loads of “Bump N Grind” that has landed him a lawsuit. Read on for the tea being spilled…

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Cam'Ron Bodies Mase with "Dinner Time" Diss Track

Cam’Ron Bodies Mase with “Dinner Time” Diss Track

Things getting started with Cam’Ron! Killa Cam wasted no time and just released his “Dinner Time” where he goes at Mase about a bunch of things from their past.

Cam’Ron points out many things that was known in the industry and rumored. Killa puts it ALL out there and actually EXPOSES Diddy and 50 Cent. Read on…

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