Cardi B FIRES BACK to Nicki Minaj NYFW Fight Merch has the latest from Cardi B who isn’t standing down to The Queen rapper.

Cardi B has claimed that Nicki Minaj has tried to dead her career and keep her from making bags like Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly.

The feud shows no sign of slowing down after their infamous bust-up at New York Fashion Week went down last month.

Now, Nicki Minaj has got her merchandise in on the action, by releasing some pretty tongue-in-cheek bags that harp back to one of Cardi’s comments. Read on…

Cardi B FIRES BACK to Nicki Minaj NYFW Fight reports Cardi B seemingly responded, showing off a new tattoo that appeared to reference their digs, as well as her own music.

Cardi B posted a photo with a caption that reads as follows:

Get up 10.

She captioned the photo of the tattoo in a reference to her song of the same name:

???WE GONE WIN KNOCK ME DOWN 9 TIMES !! Love my fans??

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj released some new merch directly pointed at Cardi B.

See, Cardi B was arrested and charged with assault and reckless endangerment last week, so Nicki came for her.

Minaj took the opportunity to knock Cardi B while she was already down.

Pink and black backpacks landed on the Queen rapper’s site reading:

Nicki stopped my bag.

If you wanna nab one of these bags, shirts or jackets head on over to

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