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50 Cent Jacked Photos on Himself + Gets Sued

50 Cent SUED for Jacking Photos of Himself?

Hold up, so 50 Cent is being sued for his own image, according to a thirsty ass photog. Fiddy just got SLAPPED with a lawsuit for allegedly posting photos on Instagram without the photographer’s authorization.

Read on to learn more about 50 Cent being sued over his own image…

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50 Cent Has No Chill; He Weighs In on R Kelly

50 Cent Has No Chill; He Weighs In on R Kelly

While on his way to promote his hit show Power, Mr. Curtis Jackson trolled everyone, comparing Ghost from the hit show to R. Kelly.

Like we said, 50 Cent has no chill. Read on…

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50 Cent and Effen Vodka Amicably Part Ways

50 Cent Confirms Effen Vodka Split

50 Cent was caught in a photo holding a Ciroc bottle on the 4th of July, which left many fans wondering about the rapper’s relationship with Effen Vodka.

Then, reports started to surface that 50 Cent and Effen Vodka have parted ways. Could the rumors indicating that the Power Exec Producer and the liquor company split be true? Read on….

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