Stevie J Owns Joseline According to Contract

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Have you heard the dirt on Stevie J and his contract with Joseline Hernanadez?

Not only is he screwing her on the regular he’s f**king her with the contracted she signed! And the sad part of it was on Monday nights episode Joseline admitted that she just signed the contract without reading it or even glancing at it.

She thought Stevie was full of ish when he dropped the contract in front of her and now that things are really happening for her she wants to get out of it and change it up. The only problem is Stevie J has an official iron clad contract that she cannot get out of.

Here’s the drop from MediaTakeout who spoke with a Love And Hip Hop insider, giving them the dirt on Stevie’s managerial relationship with Joseline.

According to our insider – who has FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of the contract – Joseline signed an agreement that gives Stevie 95% of all money that Joseline makes plus expenses. Yes, you heard that right 95%!!!

The insider claimed, “Stevie has to pay her rent and travel expenses and the like, but he gets basically all the money.”

And it gets even better. We’re told that Stevie actually had Joseline ask VH1 – to give her LOVE AND HIP HOP SALARY directly to Stevie. So Stevie receives JOSELINE’S salary via a check – IN HIS NAME.

Oh, and the legal paperwork is 100% OFFICIAL . . . so Joseline can’t change her mind on the split – EVEN IF SHE WANTED TO!!!

MiMi should be happy she’s NOT Joseline, because she’s was at least able to walkout on him!

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