SHARK LURKS Towards Kids As Father Screams “Get Out of The Water”

SHARK Swims Towards Kids As Father Screams "Get Out of The Water"

It’s could have been a scene out of Jaws. Instead, a drone was used to safe the life of a mother and father’s children playing in shark infested waters.

Summer is here and the beach is Awesome, but remember one thing, the ocean is the home of SHARKS, we are in their home when swimming or playing in it. This week a father almost watched his kids become SHARK BAIT. Read on as SHARK LURKS Towards Kids… reports that during a recent beach trip a Florida father decided to check the water while his kids were playing in the ocean.

By his surprise he was shocked to see a great white coming in to snack on his kids. The dad of three spotted a shark heading right toward them.

Dan Watson, a professional photographer, was flying a Mavic 2 Pro over New Smyrna Beach to capture photos of his wife, Sally, and their three children, Grace, Jonathan and Landon, as they played in the water, when he noticed a shadowy figure underneath the water getting close to his family.

Dan Watson explains his too close for comfort SHARK incident:

Watson told WOFL:

As soon as I took (the drone) out over their heads, that’s when I started seeing shadows moving through the water.

Dan immediately ran toward his family while shouting for his wife to get herself and their kids out of the water

He said:

I immediately get the kids out of the water” Sally recalled to Central Florida station News 13. I see them get out of the water, and he immediately brings the drone to me, and I see the shark swimming at my children.

His wife adds:

When you think of a shark, you think of them in deep water, you don’t think of them extremely close, and you don’t think they’ll come in knee-deep water. It is terrifying to see them come that close to my kids.

Remember Sharks only need two feet deep water to attack and bit off your legs while standing in the water. Be safe, alert and watch your surrounds if you go in the water.

Volusia County, Fla., which is home to New Smyrna Beach, earned itself the dubious unofficial title of “shark bite capital of the world.”

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