Sauce Walka Responds To Young Thug in Violent Verbal Attack

Sauce Walka Responds To Young Thug in Violent Verbal Attack

Texas rapper Sauce Walka was in a fury of rage after Young Thug apparently told him he was gonna slap him when he sees him.

So, Sauce Walka did what rappers do, he took his beef to Instagram to verbally attack Young Thug, calling him a Transgender F—t and more. Continue on to watch the IG assault… has the latest hip hop beef between Sauce Walka and Young Thug.

In case you didn’t know, when it comes to the word “Slime” Young Thug popularized the usage of the word Slime in this current era of mainstream rap. The only problem is Texas rapper Sauce Walka disagrees.

Albert Walker Mondane, better known as 28-year-old Sauce Walka has made numerous claims towards authenticity are largely merit-based, pointing out that Young Thug is NOT the one who made Slime popular.

What is worse is now things have escalated and both he and Thugger have gone the route of muttering violent threats, one after the other.

HNHH points out:

Without placing himself in the line of contact, Sauce Walka jumped on social media in criticizing a video of Thugger putting on a flimsy display of his boxing skills, seemingly in preparation for a tussle with YFN Lucci.

In doing so, Sauce Walka gained leverage he desired in re-igniting the cause, although at this point, neither he or Thugger were tabling a discussion over slang. All within the same 24-hour window, Thugger jumps on Instagram, telling Sauce Walka he’ll slap him and YFN Lucci over the same warning signs if they came too close. In turn, Walka ushered the same threats, but in his video pronouncement, he went about emasculating the YSL rapper, by mutilating his pseudonym several times over. It’s all documented in the video atop the page.

Last week, Young Thug took to social media to air his thoughts on Sauce Walka as seen below:

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