Sarah Hyland Skinny Dipping After Asking For Donations

Sarah Hyland Skinny Dipping While Asking For Donations

Over the weekend Modern Family star Sarah Hyland received some heavy criticism after Tweeting out to fans asking for donations to help pay for funeral costs for her 14-year-old cousins tragic death.

What is worse is that Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was tanning in the sun. Wait until you see what we’ve uncovered… has uncovered that on Saturday Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was basking in the hot sun while skinning dipping in Batu Villa BVI.

The Batu Villa is a luxury Balinese inspired ocean front villa with four private suites nestled among the famed boulders of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, according to their Instagram account.

As for Sarah Hyland, she set herself up to look even more un caring by posting a photo of herself skinny dipping in the pool.

She writes:

Skinny dippin over the ocean. This is 28. Already missing @Batubvi @wellsadams

We get it, Sarah was on a break from filming Mondern Family, but this post looks terrible after she was spotted on Twitter asking for donations from fans. Here she is chilling in the sun asking for money while she’s living her best life on vacay.

NOT a good look.

And where was her PR to tell her NOT to post that?

Anyways, Sarah Hyland made it a point to say she was missing her Bachelore In Paradice boyfriend Wells Adams who posted a Instavideo of the couple on the beach Sunday, a day after the news, and after she posted the tweet.

Wells writes:

Pro tips for the most Instagrammy vacation video. 1. Get day drunk. 2. Find the sunset. 3. Convince a total smoke show to be your girlfriend. 4. Spin around like an idiot @sarahhyland let’s go back to @batubvi please.

Hyland commented:

Yes please. Also let’s just get Day drunk at home today.

We get it, it was romantic, but bad timing.

We understand why she quit Twitter.

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