Russell Simmons Responds to Don Lemon

Russell Simmons Responds to Don Lemon

Russell Simmons Responds to Don Lemon!

Yesterday, Don Lemon opened the flood gates when he called out celebrities for Being silent and NOT “doing more” to support the George Floyd killing. Read on to see what Russell Simmons said about Don Lemon

Russell Simmons Responds to Don Lemon reports that Russell Simmons has responded to CNN anchor Don Lemon for what he said about Black Hollywood turning their backs on a black issue that continues in the USA.

Don Lemon was stating #FACTS about Black Hollywood being more worried about their “brand” more than the social injustice that continues to plague our streets.

Russell Simmons felt some type of way about Lemon and seems to have internalized the statement with the following response.

Simmons quickly weighed in on Lemon who said Black Hollywood is “strangely quiet.”

Simmons told music outlet HipHopDX:

I agree with [Don Lemon] and it inspires me to do more. I don’t believe that any celebrity owes anybody anything. I don’t believe that anyone owes social activism to their community. At the same time, I am absolutely certain that your own happiness and salvation is directly tied to the happiness and salvation you promote for others. So, I am committed to do more as much as I can.

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