Don Lemon Urges Black Hollywood “Do More” Stop Hiding In Your Homes

Don Lemon Call Out Black Hollywood To "Do More" Stop Hiding In Your Homes

Don Lemon Urges Black Hollywood “Do More” Stop Hiding In Your Homes!

Lemon names names of celebrities he wants to see do more, as he say it’s “strangely quiet” amid police protests. He points out that he is sick of celebs saying they’re worried about their “brand.” Read on to hear why Don Lemon Urges Black Hollywood “Do More”… reports that during Saturday night’s protests around the country in the wake of George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis, host Don Lemon pleaded for big names in Hollywood and Washington D.C. to do more.

Appearing on CNN, Don Lemon began his monologue hoping to hear words of encouragement or calm from leadership in the White House, but instead, nothing.

Lemon said he was about to “call people out.”

Don said he had a hard time booking big names to speak out on his show because “Black Hollywood is scared to ruin their brand“:

Young protesters have been “taking the lead” and “stepping into the void and fighting for what’s right,”

A lot of people I asked to come on this show to talk about this, wealthy celebrities, wealthy political people, ‘I can’t do it, I’m mad, I don’t want people to see me mad it might hurt my business. I’m so upset I had to go to my country house. Where are you? Why aren’t you fighting for these young people?

If you are a millionaire or a gazillionaire or a movie star or a politician and you don’t step up now, when are you going to do it? Stop making excuses!

He asked:

What are you worried about if you have made a gazillion dollars, you are rich and you are established, why are you afraid of what someone else is going to think about you or your anger?

Then, he brought up Beyonce’s message, he asked other stars why they couldn’t do the same:

I want to hear from everyone. I want to hear from the former president, I want to hear from the former first lady. I want to hear from the current president, I want to hear a message of hope. What do we do?

What happened to America?

We voted Trump in office and the US has gone to shit since. Society has been divided and racism has been at an all time high since Trump started with the wall on the Mexican boarder.

It has been getting worse and police have been getting more and more violent since.

Thank you Don for calling out Black Hollywood!

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