Rick Ross Wins ‘In Da Club’ Lawsuit; 50 Cent Can Still Sue

Rick Ross Reigns Victorious; Rubbing Salt In 50 Cent Wounds

Rick Ross Wins ‘In Da Club’ Lawsuit; 50 Cent Can Still Sue!

Ross is basking in the victory a few days after 50 Cent lost an appeal in their ongoing “In Da Club” lawsuit.

You might say that Rozay is rubbing salt in Fiddy’s wounds. Read on for more details since Rick Ross wins ‘In Da Club’ Lawsuit…


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@akademiks: “Why #rickross clowning #50cent like this ? . Do y’all want these two to squash beef and be friends ?”

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CelebNMusic247.com reports that it appears that Rick Ross and 50 Cent feud continues following the television mogul losing his appeal.

On August 21, Rick Ross shared multiple Instagram posts clowning 50 for the substantial loss. In one of the video clips, Ross holds up his phone revealing a screenshot that reads:

50 Cent Loses Rick Ross ‘In Da Club’ Remix Appeal.

Then he cracks a bottle of Luc Belaire and smiles, saying:

Congratz!!!! He who laughs last laughs loudest. #richerthaniveeverbeen.

Rosay goes on to present an “opportunity” for 50 in a third video.

What up, the gold bottle…This is a huge opportunity for Curtis. This is the fastest-growing champagne in the business.

Here is what we’ve learned regarding the In Da Club” remix on Rick Ross’ Renzel Remixes lawsuit.

According to HHDX:

The five-year battle began in 2015 after Ross released the “In Da Club” remix on his Renzel Remixes project. Fiddy accused him of copyright infringement and took him to court for $2 million. But, the original suit was dismissed in 2018 after a judge determined the G-Unit mogul didn’t actually own the copyright or master recordings for the song.

50 then filed an appeal, but the ruling was upheld by the New York City’s Second Circuit of Appeals last Wednesday (August 19). When 50 created the song in 2003, he signed away his rights to it and his right of publicity to his labels in the recording agreement.

Therefore, he couldn’t sue Ross for sampling it.

However, the appeals court did say Ross was “presumably liable for copyright infringement to Shady/Aftermath, but not” Fiddy. The court added 50 may have the right to push Shady/Aftermath to sue Ross for copyright infringement and seek damages so fif could get a royalty, or he could seek damages from Shady/Aftermath for neglecting to protect 50’s right to royalties by suing Ross.

Currently, Ross is getting the last laugh for now.

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