R. Kelly Victim Allegedly FORCED to Eat His Feces

R. Kelly Victim Allegedly FORCED to Eat His Feces

This story is NOT for the weak stomachs. It’s time to get grossed out because we have more tea spilling from a Jane Doe who alleges that R. Kelly forced her to eat his feces!

OMG, we just threw up in our mouth on this, but Latoya Middleton alleges that she knows R. Kelly deepest sexual desires. Read on…

R. Kelly Victim Allegedly FORCED to Eat His Feces

CelebNMusic247.com has learned from Tasha K that R. Kelly has allegedly given multiple women that he has slept with an STD which is considered sexual assault.

Back in 2018, there were many claims about R. Kelly having multiple lawsuits from Florida, Texas, and Georgia. Then, Kellz PR team put him out to the media because he can’t write, so fans would feel sorry for him.

Following that “Surviving R. Kelly” was released and the flood gates are open when it comes Kellz. He is now facing life in prison because Gloria Allred has multiple “victims” of the R&B crooner.

To add to the crazy, Jay Z was allegedly implemented in the R. Kelly case regarding a 15-year-old girl from 17 years ago.

Now, here is the tea, according to UnWine, R. Kelly forced Michelle Krammer’s daughter Dominique to allegedly eat his feces. #YUCK

By doing so, she contracted herpes, but what makes it worse is that we have also heard that he is into that natural smell during sex.

According to Middleton, the one who spoke on Hov, says that Kellz would go to the studio, the gym, perform live and sometimes would not wash or take a shower. He would be all musty and stank, allegedly demanding his girls to perform oral sex, rimming, and golden showers.

Michelle Kramer, Dominique’s mom is the one who alleges that her daughter who looked like a boy was forced to eat Kellz feces.

To learn more on Kellz and all the people who help him move around and get with all these girls, click here…


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