R. Kelly Fears Prison But He’s Happy in Solitary Confinement

R. Kelly Lawyers Calls Accusers 'Disgruntled Groupies'

We have received word that R. Kelly reportedly afraid for his life in prison, but he is fine with being held in solitary confinement.

Get the latest on the fallen R&B singer R. Kelly who fears being killed while he’s in jail. It might be all his alleged charges against him, fellow prisoneers don’t take kind to pedophile predators. Read on for more on R. Kelly Fears Prison…

R. Kelly Fears Prison But He's Happy in Solitary Confinement

CelebNMusic247.com reports that disgraced singer R. Kelly is currently behind bars after being denied bond by a judge earlier this week but he’s told his lawyer, Nicole Blank Becker, that he doesn’t mind being in solitary confinement in federal prison.

According to R. Kelly, he feels safer as he’s aware other inmates know he’s been accused of sex crimes involving under age girls.

See, in prison, they would probably beat him down and then rape R. Kelly for all of the sex crimes he’s been accused of and then some. He would get real used to the taste of urin as well, if you catch our drift.

In fact, he might not be singing about women if he gets put in gen pop and later released. You never know?

Anyways, his attorney told TMZ that the ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ hitmaker being in solitary could be problematic because he has no one to lean on for support or help.

Kelly is unable to read or write, so that makes even basic tasks, such as what is on the commissary list, incredibly difficult.

R. Kelly is just fine with being held in solitary confinement while in jail… because he’s reportedly afraid for his life.

The singer is behind bars while facing 13 counts for child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice.

Whereas prisoners typically have access to the phone at all times, Kellz can make calls for a total of 15 minutes a month to speak with family and friends. There is also no access to the TV or internet.

Ifyou recall, Kelly appeared in court earlier this week to plead not guilty to 13 alleged sex trafficking charges. The prosecutors insisted during the hearing that he be held in hail as therisk of obstruction is still ongoing, and alleged Kelly is a danger to the community, especially young girls.

They said:

[Kelly has the] unique ability to influence and intimidate witnesses and victims, and that continues to this day. It’s who the defendant is.

The musician has denied all allegations and still maintains his innocense in all of this. #SMH


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