Ozzy Osbourne Hospitalized After Deadly Manicure

Ozzy Osbourne Hospitalized After Deadly Manicure

Rock fans we almost lost the legendary Ozzy Osbourne after he got a manicure that almost killed him.

You might wanna think twice about going to one of those nails salons after hearing this news because not everything is sanitary. Read on to find out how Ozzy Osbourne almost died from a manicure…

Ozzy Osbourne Hospitalized After Deadly ManicureCelebNMusic247.com reports that rock legend Ozzy Osbourne almost died from a freaking manicure, can you believe this?

Ozzy Osbourne took to Instagram to tell fans that he had been force to cancel some shows on his tour due to health issues.

What we can tell you all is that Ozzy Osbourne is lucky to be alive.

The 69-year-old rockstar had to recently cancel a multiple shows on his US tour in California (Mountain View, Chula Vista, and Los Angeles) as well as, Las Vegas.
What happened to Ozzy is that he contracted a serious infection in his thumb after receiving a manicure.

Things got worse when the infection decided to pester Ozzy by spreading throughout his right hand, which caused it to swell to “the size of a f–cking lightbulb.”

Ozzy told the Daily Star:

I’m having the best time of my life — apart from that f—king thing with my thumb, and I didn’t realize that it was very dangerous. I was in hospital for a couple of days and had emergency surgery. I remember waking up in the morning and Sharon [Osbourne] said: ‘What the f—k have you done to your hand?

His Instagram reads as Follows:

Ozzy Osbourne Hospitalized After Deadly Manicure

Doctors actually told Ozzy that had the infection gotten into his bloodstream, he could have died.

Ozzy revealed:

The funny thing is they reckon I got it from a manicure! It won’t stop me from heading to the UK in February.

Ozzy had surgery back in October but it’s only recently that we’re learning what the true cause of his injured thumb was.

In additional news, Ozzy and his wife Sharon Osbourne celebrated 35 years of marriage earlier this year.

We are glad that they took care of the infection in time.

Ozzy is NOT letting that stop him because the tour must go on. He will be celebrating the New Year with Rob Zombie. Ozzy announced today that he and Rob Zombie will be performing for New Years Eve at the Forum in Inglewood, California:

Ozzy Osbourne Hospitalized After Deadly Manicure

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