Omari Hardwick Addresses Controversial Beyoncé Kiss

Omari Hardwick Addresses Controversial Beyoncé Kiss

Back in March, members of Beyonce’s Beyhive and many of her overly devoted fans absolutely slammed Power star Omari Hardwick for kissing the singer on the cheek.

What they don’t realize is that Omari Hardwick, Jay Z, and Beyonce are close friends of his, but “celebrity” tends to get in the way. Read on… reports that Omari Hardwick addresses the infamous and controversial Beyoncé kiss for 1st time.

Omari Hardwick social media was flooded with comments bashing the actor, so he is weighing in on the Beyonce kiss.

If you recall, Hardwick was saying hello to his friends and it was captured on video, but fans were offended that Omari kissed her twice on the cheek. What the BeyHive forgets is that Beyonce is just a person, she is NOT better than anybody, but fans have put her on a pedestal and that is what makes it wrong. The Power star was faced with threats, insults, accusations and major shade following the video on social media.

Hardwick’s onscreen wife, Power actress Naturi Naughton, recently had this to say about the situation, saying:

They tried to come for my boy, my husband, my TV husband. He was just being a friend. Why can’t friends hug and kiss each other? They made that way bigger. I was there and it was so not a situation.

Hardwick discussed what happened from his side of things stating “if you’re not a comedian or someone he knows, say it to his face.”

Here is what Omari Hardwick has to say:

Celebrity has become the seller before a person’s person. So, now that Omari is more of a celebrity than from the moment I met Ebro, it’s not that it was Beyoncé, it’s that Omari’s bigger. If somebody else, who’s not as big, hugs Beyoncé, then it’s like, ‘I don’t know who this rooty poot n**ga was.’ And Jay woulda slapped me upside the head if I [didn’t], like ‘damn n**ga do you see B? Go give her a hug.’

He added:

That’s a woman that reached out to me at one in the morning once and said, ‘I’m doing a surprise birthday party for Jay you gotta be there.’ That’s a friend, and I like home. He likes his home and I like my home.

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