O.J. Simpson Sues Las Vegas Hotel For Defamation of Character

O.J. Simpson Sues Las Vegas Hotel For Defamation of Character

O.J. Simpson sues Las Vegas hotel for defamation of character.

According to reports the Las Vegas hotel, The Cosmopolitan leaked to the media that he was forced off their property for being Drunk & Disorderly. Read on O.J. Simpson Sues hotel…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that O.J. Simpson has belatedly fired back at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas … suing the hotel claiming it defamed him by banning him in 2017.

If you recall the incident occurred two years ago, just weeks after O. J. Simpson was released from prison when The Cosmopolitan falsely accusing him of being drunk and disruptive.

The former NFL star says that he is definitely taking legal action over one he says isn’t true.

If you ask, O.J., in his lawsuit, Simpson is adamant he was NOT drunk, he was NOT belligerent and did NOT break any glasses. In fact, he says earlier in the evening a manager at the steakhouse in the hotel actually thanked him for being a gracious guest.

OJ Simpson, who filed the lawsuit Thursday (Nov. 7), said in court documents that he wasn’t aggressive or hostile, and he never broke glass or damaged any other property. He also stated that he received a notice that said he was not allowed on the property after he was at a steakhouse and lounge for several hours.

TMZ reports that sources claim that glasses were broken during the melee and the ex-NFL star was eventually told to leave, given a trespass notice and told to never come back.

The Cosmopolitan has not commented yet.

Simpson is currently on parole after being released from prison in October 2017. He was in jail for nine years for kidnapping and armed robbery.

Though, he looks to be doing fine living out his life golfing and participating in fantasy football:

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