Miley Cyrus Promotes New Single Amidst Liam Split

Miley Cyrus Promotes New Single Amidst Liam Split

Less than a week after she announced her split with Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus just dropped a new single!

When is Hollywood, use your music to speak on the wrongs, mistakes, and breakups in your life, and that is exactly what Miley Cyrus has done. We just want to point out that this song was made before she announced the split, so she was planning all of this to go hand in hand. Read on… reports in an effort to make a hit song it is always good to promote the reason behind the lyrics. By Miley announcing her split with Liam Hemsworth last weekend was the perfect setup for the release of her new song.

The only problem is Miley Cyrus was derailed when photos of she and Kaitlynn Carter surfaced, so she posted a smear campaign to make herself look the victim and speaking negative on Liam doing drugs. Not mentioning that it was her infidelity that caused the split.

Anyways, it got things back on track because Miley fans will believe whatever they are told by their songstress, true or not.

What is next? Oh dropping new music of course.

Miley released “Slide Away” Friday with song artwork that included a bottle of booze and pills floating in a pool.

Miley Cyrus lyrics seem to reflect the real-life struggles of her failed relationship along with visuals of liquor bottles and drugs floating in a pool. It’s the perfect imagery to go with her smear campaign against ex Liam Hemsworth.

Her lyrics start off with:

Once upon a time it was paradise. Once upon a time I was paralyzed. I think I’m gonna miss these harbor lights. But it’s time to let it go.

Miley makes a drug and alcohol reference in the song which is direct jabs at her failed relationship by putting all blame on Liam’s “alleged” partying.

Listen to the full song “Slide Away” below:

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