Miami Monkey Big Ang Gets Morgan Back


(CelebNMusic247-News) Miami Monkey Big Ang Gets Morgan Back

Mob Wives star Big Ang wants Morgan to run Miami Monkey, but the NY girls of the bar are NOT feeling Morgan and ish is about to hit the fan!

Nothing is HOTTER than Miami Monkey and the Staten Island girls are proving that drama has a middle name and it Miami Monkey.

On this weeks Monkey, during a staff meeting, Ryan complains about Morgan just as Morgan shows up and decides to return working at the Miami Monkey.  Jealousy is rampant in Big Ang’s Miami Monkey bar, because her star Morgan has a bit too much drama that is over-shadowing her work.

While the other girls are SICK of Morgan’s BS that continues to go on at work. Ang wants Morgan to be the face of the Miami location and has her heart set on Morgan, so Ang plans a special photo shoot just for her that ends in complete sloppiness.  In order to really promote the Miami Monkey, Ang organizes a special photo shoot for just her and Morgan.


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