Meek Mill Called Out By His #FreeMeek Supporters

Meek Mill Called Out By His #FreeMeek Supporters

Meek Mill Called Out By His #FreeMeek Supporters!

Don Lemon called out Black Hollywood for hiding and doing nothing in the wake of George Floyd’s death and now fans are calling out celebs and hip hop artists.

Earlier today 50 Cent BLASTED Gayle King and Oprah and now Meek Mill’s #FreeMeek supporters are putting him on front street for doing NOTHING. Read on to see Meek Mill and his wack response to his #FreeMeek supporters … reports that #FreeMeek supporters took to social media letting him know that they went far and beyond to protest for his release, so they expect him to step up.

One supporter made it loud and clear with this post (above):

Do more for your people….don’t forget we didn’t just tweet!

The only problem is Meek Mill isn’t seeing it the same way. Oh, no, he is mocking his fans with a wack response:

????????????????????????? self hate cause confusion to the brain!

Meek was out of line for this response so Larry Johnson let him have it:

STFU, Baphomet puppet.

Larry shut Meek down and we bet he has no clue that Baphomet Puppet means worshiper of the “Sabbatic Goat” or basically devil worship. You may also notice Mill is flashing the 666 with his fingers. Many people think it means OK, but it has a deeper darker lore. Tons of rappers do this, pay attention people.

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