Lena Waithe: Black LGBTQ+ Representation Is Important

Lena Waithe: Black LGBTQ+ Representation Is Important

Lena Waithe: Black LGBTQ+ Representation Is Important!

2020 is the year that will define America and let the world know that Black deserve respect and NO MORE disrespect. 400 years was enough, and the black community is TIRED or oppression. Read on because Lena Waithe believes that everyone in the Black community NEEDS to REPRESENT, especially the Black LGBTQ+ community…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Lena Waithe, the ‘Master of None’ star insists it is important that all voices get heard and are portrayed in movies and on television shows.

Lena Waithe states that the world is “fighting for so many different causes” right now.

She states:

It’s substantially significant and necessary. I think representation in all regards is so necessary, and right now, we’re fighting for so many different causes. Not just Black lives or Black male lives but Black trans lives, gay Black lives.

She explained:

I wanted to be clear Black women who are, I always say ‘masculine-presenting,’ we can also be soft. We can also be vulnerable. And we’re not all aggressive. I’m always fighting to be the best person I can be, partner I can be, friend I can be. And I think people don’t necessarily associate that with someone that walks through the world the way we do. And I was really happy that we got to just show a different side of us.

Speaking at the Billboard and Hollywood Reporter’s Pride Summit and Prom event, she touched on her series “The Chi” and its impact.

She said:

I didn’t realize how significant it was … I think it was just really me trying to tell a story, and trying to tell an honest one. I had to be patient. A lot of people don’t know I wrote Twenties before I wrote, The Chi. The Chi just happened to get made first, and a lot of work had to be done for Twenties to exist in our world, in our society, in our nation, for people to embrace that.

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