Jeezy Empowers Fans To Vote and Invest In Black Businesses

Jeezy Empowers Fans To Vote and Invest In Black Businesses

Jeezy Empowers Fans To Vote and Invest In Black Businesses!

With everything that has been happening this year 2020 is becoming a year that will define the culture and society in whole. Outside of the Covid-19 pandemic, the black community needs to come together and overcome. It’s time to VOTE and start supporting and investing in Black Businesses.

2020 is all about defining what the black community means to America and our voices NEED to be heard VOTING this year. Main focus get rid of Trump and we will NEED ALL black Americans to VOTE in November. Read on to see why Jeezy Empowers Fans To Vote… reports that rapper Jeezy took to his Instagram on June 12 to discuss his thoughts on the Georgia elections, encouraging his fans to vote, keeping the black dollar in the black community.

Rapper Jeezy also praises to the non-black allies that have participated in some of the protests.

He captioned the IG video:


Jeezy starts off by thanking non-black folks for supporting the movement for black lives:

First and foremost I’d like to commend everybody that’s non black thats been out here marching, protesting, hashtagging black lives matter, hashtagging defund the police, whatever we got to do let’s just make sure we’re on the same page.

Then he discusses what he saw happening in the Georgia elections earlier this week.

He says:

I went to vote two days ago in Atlanta, Georgia, home, and I must say I was very upset at the way things were handled. Long lines, they shut down the polls at a certain time so that means people there didn’t even get a chance to vote. If you didn’t know your official’s name and it wasn’t on the ballot you wouldn’t even know who you was voting for so you gotta research that. The machines didn’t work so you can already tell we were at a disadvantage. So imma say this, we gotta get on the same page people. If we can show up at a Falcons game for a tailgate party, we could show up at the polls in numbers and forces.

Last week Jeezy said “Let’s not lose the message!

He joined “@iAmSteveHarveyTV for a powerful inter-generational conversation to discuss racism, police brutality, protest, justice and the importance of young people leading the revolution towards change.”

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