Kid Buu Denies Hitting Blac Chyna and Calls Reports BS

Kid Buu Denies Hitting Blac Chyna and Calls Reports BS

Over the weekend, Blac Chyna bounced out of California for some fun in the sun with her new boyfriend Kid Buu, the only problem is the trip ended in a violent fight.

Multiple reports are claiming that Kid Buu attacked Blac Chyna, but he has taken to social media to deny the reports. Read on to see what he is saying… previously reported that Blac Chyna Honolulu getaway backfired in her face when she got into a heated fight with her now ex Kid Buu, who is claiming he NEVER touched her.

What we were told is that Blac Chyna scratched Kid Buu so he slammed her against the wall several times and choked her.

The details are not totally clear, but the statement from the Honolulu Police Department seems to imply that Chyna herself called 911. We were previously told another guest made the call at the Ritz Carlton because of the yelling coming from their room.

Though a representative for the authorities told People:

Shortly before 9 a.m. today, a female visitor staying in Waikiki reported being assaulted by a male acquaintance. The victim reported that she and the suspect had been involved in an argument several hours earlier, and the argument had escalated to a physical confrontation.

The rep added:

The male left the area after the confrontation and has not been located.

The police also described the incident as “abuse of a household member” and said the investigation is ongoing.

Kid Buu took to social media last night and is now denying all of it, saying his mama told him NEVER to hit a woman.

The “Momma” rapper loves to post fun pics with plenty of negative, subjective and subliminal captions like “Your Hell Is My Heaven++ ????,” and “A M E R I C A N ?? S A T A N ™?
??+??$++?* ???.”

Sorry, Buu, but telling the media to stop posting negative things is hypocritical when you are influencing the youth to hate. This is what Kevin Hart was questioning “why are we going backward?”

Answer:  Hip Hop influencers like Buu put out subliminal messages in happy uplifting photos, tricking the minds of our youth. #SAD.

What do you believe?

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