Kenya Moore Says NeNe Leakes Needs Therapy


Kenya Moore Says NeNe Leakes Needs Therapy!?!

Last week on Real Housewives of Atlanta NeNe Leakes therapy session backfired in her face but now Kenya Moore Says NeNe Leakes Needs Therapy.

We kind of agree with Kenya since NeNe seems to be suffering from a case of DENIAL!

It seems RHOATL loves to focus on the never ending feud between Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes which is tiring all of us. However, check out how one drama queen responds to the other. Especially now since NeNe Leakes freaked out during a group therapy session causing a ruckus on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.


Here’s the tea on Kenya weighing in on NeNe:

One could argue that both NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore need help, but The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Facebook fans disagree about which of the reality stars is currently in worse shape. Kenya, of course, is convinced that NeNe is in dire need of therapy, as the RHOA queen bee is allegedly erratic and troubled.

In her latest Bravo blog, Kenya admitted to being a bit frustrated when her RHOA nemesis refused to cooperate during the group therapy session. ”NeNe’s deep insecurities have caused her to walk out of every scene when faced with the facts about who she is, and that evidently is a very troubled person. Her erratic and often emotional, flippant behavior is disturbing to watch.”

In a surprising display of kindness, Kenya attempted to wish NeNe the best, although, of course, these well wishes were laced with a heavy dose of sarcasm. She has since decided to move past her drama with NeNe, instead focusing on twirling away the negativity. The other day, the reality star told her Twitter followers that her ultimate goal was to “brush off the haters and stay positive.”

Do you agree with Kenya Moore?