Justin Timberlake Recalls Dodging Bottles of Urine From Hostile Crowd

Justin Timberlake Recalls Dodging Bottles of Urine From Hostile Crowd

Justin Timberlake Recalls Dodging Bottles of Urine From Hostile Crowd!

That’s a smelly mess! Yuck!

Justin Timberlake recalled a disastrous charity concert in 2003 where the crowd threw bottles of urine at him on stage. Continue on to hear about Justin Timberlake Recalls Dodging Bottles of Urine…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that the 39-year-old singer appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” recently spoke about his performance, where Timberlake sang with The Rolling Stones at an event to raise money for SARS recovery in Toronto, Canada.

The benefit concert also included acts like AC/DC, The Guess Who and Rush, with Timberlake singing pop tunes to a rock music-loving crowd.

Justin Timberlake noted that he had a bad feeling about the event prior to going on stage, but committed to the performance all the same.

Timberlake told Graham Norton:

I remember saying to the band before we went on stage, ‘I don’t think this is going to go well.’ But little did I know, I had no idea how bad it was going to go.

Timberlake explained that the audience was not only hostile but prepared for him.

He explained:

We came on stage and all of a sudden from the first two rows of probably, I think this festival housed half a million people, so that was crazy. But all of a sudden, bottles of urine were then thrown on the stage… It wasn’t always good times for me, you guys.

He joked:

I still have… I still have a lot of trauma from this incident. I was like, ‘No man, I’m staying out here, we’re doing this!

Justin went on to say:

At the first song, I was at the mic and moving around and singing at the same time. I was kind of impressed with myself. Then the second song was ‘Senorita … I play a Rhodes electric piano on that song. So then, all of a sudden I’m thinking, ‘Oh no, I’m immobile!’

He concluded:

After that song either one of two things happened: Either they ran out of nerve because they knew I was going to stay there, or they ran out of urine so … kids … be tenacious!

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