Judge DENIES R. Kelly Bail Request During Pandemic; Lawyers SHOCKED

Judge DENIES R. Kelly Bail Request During Pandemic; Lawyers SHOCKED

Judge DENIES R. Kelly Bail Request During Pandemic; Lawyers SHOCKED!

Maybe he should SNITCH like 6ix9ine did?

This was NOT what R. Kelly’s legal team wanted to hear but this is what they’ve learned and they’re NOT happy about any of it. Read on to see why Judge DENIES R. Kelly bail request during pandemic Release…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Judge DENIES R. Kelly Bail Request During Pandemic

We previously reported that attorneys for R. Kelly, the indicted singer, sought his release from federal custody in Chicago.

That didn’t happen like they planned. Nope, apparently, the coronavirus pandemic is not a good enough reason for their client to be released from jail.

R. Kelly, born Robert Kelly, requested to be released from jail and allowed to await his trial at his girlfriend’s home because of the virus. He’s currently facing charges for child pornography and other serious accusations.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly of the Eastern District of New York, where he also faces charges, took stock of the significant charges against Kelly. She sympathized with his anxiety about COVID-19. Then she denied his attorneys’ request that he be freed from the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

When his attorneys tried again, Donnelly stuck to her decision: Kelly faces serious charges, including racketeering and sexual abuse, in multiple jurisdictions. He’s a flight risk. No bond!

Now here is the twist:

Donnelly’s decision comes in puzzling contrast to another call Tuesday by U.S. District Chief Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer in Chicago, who freed alleged street gang member Jose Flores from the same lockup.


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