Joe Budden Tries To Get Tahiry Back

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Joe Budden Tries To Get Tahiry Back

First Joe Budden keeps it real by telling Kaylin he going to the DR to be with Tahiry and see if there’s still a spark, because he still loves her!

Joe tells Kaylin about his plans to join Tahiry in the Dominican Republic, breaking her heart in the process.

Check it:

Then, Joe shows up in the Dominican Republic to have a candle light dinner on the beach with Tahiry the same night after she met with her father to make amends.

Tahiry hadn’t spoke to her father for two years, she no longer wants to hold a grudge against her father, but she’s angry with him for his multiple affairs and children with other women.

Here’s the dish:

Her dad advises to let go of Joe for good and stop trying to fix him.  However, Joe knows that Tahiry’s tough exterior is just an act.  She doesn’t really want him to leave the DR.  He arrives at her bungalow, while waxing poetic about the difference between loving and being in love.  Joe admits that he told Kaylin he may still be in love with Tahiry.

Tahiry doesn’t think that coming to the DR and leaving his girlfriend at home is what she deserves.  He disappointed her constantly in her their relationship, but Joe is all about trying to garner sympathy and manipulate.  Look at his teary eyes.  Feel sorry for me, they implore!

 Check what Tahiry does:

 Should Tahiry just take her VH1 paycheck and change her phone number, because Joe Budden types are bad news!


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