214-Erica Mena Speaks On Tahiry STD Rumor-2

Erica Mena Speaks On Tahiry STD Rumor

214-Erica Mena Speaks On Tahiry STD Rumor-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) Erica Mena Speaks On Tahiry STD Rumor

Oddly enough, Love & Hip Hop New York‘s aspiring singer recently  chatted it up with the YBF to talk about the series and of course cast members Tahiry Jose, Joe Budden  and Kaylin Garcia.

Erica feels “Tahiry needs to admit to the fact she is in love with Joe.” But it does stop there because the open mouth insert foot reality star also says she feels “Kaylin is playing her position” with Joe.

But the interview couldn’t end without discussion of the show’s popular love  triangle and those harsh rumors that Tahiry has herpes.

Check it:

On why Tahiry is jealous of Kaylin:

“Um… I think Tahiry needs to admit to the fact she is in love with Joe, and  kind of acknowledge the fact that she is a little bit jealous of Kaylin. I think  honestly Kaylin is playing her position the right way, Joe puts Kaylin on a  different pedestal than Tahiry, and I think that’s what kind of bothers Tahiry,  and that’s what made her react the way she did.”

“He kind of brags about Kaylin more ( as far as social networks). He’s quick  to put out there that he’s in love with this woman. She’s young, she’s  intriguing, she’s fresh, and aint nothing like good meat. Ain’t nothing like  good fresh meat.”

On rumors of Tahiry having an STD:

God bless if that’s true and definitely stop spreading it. If you’re a  walking disease you should put yourself in a bubble and stay there. I think that  could be true though… but then it may not but if it is she should definitely  slow her roll.”

Interesting enough, Tahiry and Joe were recently spotted at her single  release party together looking rather cozy.


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